The Festival of Stitches 2020

The Festival of Stitches 2020:  Last Chapter

BY Sheryl Fowler

Didn’t we all just pull this one off in style! The exhibition was a tribute to our members and the Guild; an inspiration to all, whether a quilter or a visitor.  The feedback from our members and the guests who attended was positive and we received countless compliments.  Everyone could not get over the wonder of the quilts shown. Non quilters were curious how pieces were made and showed a great deal of interest in various techniques.  This confirms that our exhibition was a significant accomplishment.

The entire standard of work on display was far superior to that of any in the past.  The variety of skills and patterns was so variable.  One has to credit the Executive Committee for organising teachers, whether local or overseas, for the motivation and enthusiasm that they have instilled in our ladies.  I am sure that the emphasis on education during monthly meetings has also contributed to the quality of our work.  

This was the first time we ventured into the realm of judging and it went well.  Many thanks to our two internationally qualified judges, Gill and Dena, for their time and expertise.  We hope to continue to offer judging in the future, however we will refine the entry process next time, possibly offering more categories and requiring additional information from quilters.

Workshops were held throughout the three days by our expert ladies and they were attended not only by members, but also by many visitors.  They were educational and enjoyed by all.

Workshops were held throughout the three days by our expert ladies

Thank you to everyone who participated in group projects, submitted their beautiful quilts, sat on committees and gave of their time before, during and after the exhibition.  This was team effort and everyone should be proud of the result.

Financially, we have been able to cover the expenses of the weekend and more. The Committee worked diligently to keep costs down, attempt to find sponsors, make and sell kits and cards. Most of the money raised was through the sale of raffle tickets by our members.  Thank you to everyone who worked so hard on the raffle quilts. You are all stars.

KQG kits and greeting cards
KQG kits and greeting cards

Speaking of the raffle, herewith the lucky winners:

1st Prize:  Angie Brown

2nd Prize:  Ranjeet

3rd Prize:  Chhindi Sagoo

Prize Winners:

MACHINE QUILTING:                 1st – Rohini Desai: Vibrations

                                                2nd – Rohini Desai: Sea World

                                                3rd – Rohini Desai:  Majestic Rhino

                                                HC – Jasvinder Phull:  Dream Big

MACHINE/HAND PIECING:         1st – Rohini Desai: Bernina 125 Years

                                                2nd – Jasvinder Phull:  Bright Lady Bug

                                                3rd – Lakhbir Virdee:  Savannah Plains

                                                HC – Kulwinder Birdi: Romance Roses and Log Cabins

HAND QUILTING:                      1st – Tinu Bhachu:  Bubbly Blooms

                                                2nd – Jasmine Morelli:  Blue Stars

                                                3rd – Tina Bhachu:  Floral Kaleidoscope

                                                HC – Jasmine Morelli:  My Elephant

APPLIQUE:                                1st – Jasvinder Phull:  Vanishing Wildlife

                                                2nd – Gretchen Sanders Mwaura:  Mostera Deliciosa

                                                3rd – Jasvinder Phull:  Simba

                                                HC – Raji Syan:  World of Friends

BEST IN SHOW                          Kayuri Patel:  Colours of Light

JUDGE’S PRIZE                          Gretchen Sanders Mwaura:  Ancient Rock Art

JUDGE’S PRIZE                          Sheryl’s Stitch and Bitch Group:  Dachshunds = Love

MEMBERS’ PRIZE                      Kulwinder Birdi: Valley of Flowers

VISITORS’ CHOICE                     Lakhbir Virdee:  Savannah Plains