October Monthly Meeting and Workshop

October 2020 was made extremely colourful by some of the finest and creative quilts by our very talented quilters. Learning is an ongoing process. In continuation of our education programme, Gill Rebelo presented a workshop for “Aspects of Hand Binding”.

And yes, everything was handled on Zoom. We are so proud of our members to adapt to the new NORM so quickly.

Kenya Quilt Guild announced their first Mini Quilt Challenge in the middle of this year. The challenge was to create a mini quilt around the member’s BirthMonth. The inspiration could be the birthstone, zodiac sign, flower or any other shape.

And Covid. What is Covid?…. Our members as usual took it on and created some beautiful quilts. We had a total of 18 lovely entries. The voting for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place was handled, anonymously, online on ZOOM in a very transparent manner. Our members did great choosing their favourite quilts. Attached is a preview of all of them. Individual quilts with the quilter’s name and size of the quit will be posted in a separate post to avoid too much congestion downloading the images.

A great reminder on different aspects of binding and there are always some new things to learn. Thanks to Gill Rebelo and the members who attended.