Displaying Your Quilts/Craft Projects

By Amber Siddiqui

So, you have finished a quilt. It now has your blood, sweat and lots of hard-earned money. Chances are it’s going to a lovely house as a gift, or it was a commissioned piece, or an adorable baby will be cuddling under it or throwing up on a quilt you spent hours working on. But its better loved than locked away inside a cupboard.  

I recently have started going out after months of long covid, so I have to make up for all the shopping I have missed and the money my husband has saved. I found this really really cute laundry ladder at the South African retail store Mr Price and suddenly it was a light bulb moment. I have always seen Pinterest photos of quilt displays and now my room also looks like one.

I think it was a good investment because it makes me so happy and proud to see my hard work. And trust me more often you should appreciate your work than wait for others to do it for you. It’s under kes 5000/- and available in grey and oak brown. Please share photos with us of how you display yours and also of your quilting space. I think it would make an interesting Show and Tell for next meeting. 

Quilt Away!!!!